10 Tips for traveling with all luxuries on your next holidays in Costa Rica

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10 Tips for traveling with all luxuries on your next holidays in Costa Rica

Thinking about this topic, we have taken some tips to plan a luxury trip to Costa Rica in the best way. Continue reading and know the 10 best tips we have for a trip like no other in Costa Rica.

1. Choose a flight in first class or in business class

If you choose to fly in the business or first-class section you will ensure a good seat to rest, you can even request your own mini suite. Arrive rested and renewed and practically guarantees a fast boarding, good drinks and a good lunch or dinner during the flight.

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2. Let someone else drive for you

What a luxury to sit and relax while your own private driver takes you wherever you want to go. Just leave your hotel and let yourself drive in your luxury car. Traveling in a private car allows you to stop in those picturesque remote villages and special places that are too difficult to reach by shared transfers. Having a driver will always have its great advantages. The return trip to the airport will be easier without a doubt.

3. Book through the best travel advisors

At CRS Tours we have the best luxury travel consultants. They are experts who can not only save you time and money, but also offer special advantages and benefits. We have the best hotels in all of Costa Rica and we can offer breakfast every day at your hotel, complimentary updates when available and a value-added service, such as a resort or spa credit. We have everything you need for that VIP trip. Remember, you can’t be VIP yourself!

4. Select 5-star hotels or boutique hotels

There is no better feeling than a holiday in a hotel where you feel the deep commitment of the hotel to connect with its guests, a place where you are recognized upon arrival, where staff care about your preferences and really appreciate your business. Stay where you have all the freedom for your own, where you are not just a room number, where you really matter.

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5. Rent a luxury Villa

Wouldn’t you like to spend a week or even a month in a luxurious and peaceful villa, complete with concierge service, your own local chef, babysitter for your children and a variety of services to your liking? A family trip like no other with all the freedom of the case, or rent with your friends and share the rent to save a little more. You will definitely feel like being at home!

6. Become a friend of the hotel staff

The hotel staff can sometimes do many things for you, at least within reason. The luxury hotel staff are experts in thousands of things and have a super network of connections that can be very helpful. Last minute tickets for a show, a restaurant reservation is some of the cases in which you can have some extra help. Of course, although the services may be free, do not forget to tip, especially if someone has worked hard to help you, this “little” help may be the highlight of your vacation.

7. Hire a private guide

For a trip without complications, find an accredited guide, knowledgeable about the history of the place, someone who can show you all the details you find along the way. A great guide can personalize your day according to your preferences and tastes. Along with that personal touch, you will get a better understanding of the history and culture of a city or country. After all, the guides are local!

8. Customize the experience

Have your travel advisor help you plan an unusual itinerary, meaningful experiences that connect you to the place you are going to. A private tour on the hanging bridges, a night tour through the rainforest, a helicopter ride over the volcanoes, a boat safari on the Tortuguero canals, a visit to the Tortuga Island, or a culinary experience with locals. The world is at your service!

9. Try the best local dishes with the best chefs

Have your travel advisor help you plan an unusual itinerary, meaningful experiences that From rustic and authentic dishes cooked with the simplest ingredients to cutting-edge molecular gastronomy, Costa Rica is full of wonderful restaurants that will leave you enchanted. Ask our experts for assistance and ask for their advice on the most exquisite places to visit. We are sure you won’t regret it!

10. Visit a fabulous Bar in your hotel

The hotel bars are fabulous, and the more elegant, the better. After a long day of tours and walks, there is nothing like getting ready to go to the bar and order a glass of wine or a cocktail worthy of the moment. Check options by your own or have your travel advisor do it for you, so you don’t miss any of these wonderful places full of atmosphere and luxury.

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