Costa Rica becomes one of the most popular vacation destinations on Google

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Costa Rica becomes one of the most popular vacation destinations on Google

It is the tourists from the United States, Canada and Europe that have given us this position in Google search engines.

Google is undoubtedly one of the most widely used web search tools in the world and it is here where Costa Rica becomes an amazing destination country for many vacationers looking for a unique tropical adventure.

By the end of 2019, Costa Rica was in 4th place among all the countries of Central America and the Caribbean in searches made by the United States and Canada; and in 3rd place for searches made from Europe.

Globally, Costa Rica is ranked 16th and in the entire region, receiving more than 2,314,888 international visitors only by air, according to data provided by the ITC.

Despite this, Costa Rica is entering an era where competition with Central American and Caribbean countries is great and fierce. Besides that, Costa Rica continues to have a great advantage over many of its competitors thanks to its natural attractions, stable economy and attractive proposals for tourists who want to visit the country.

As part of the meeting, the experts at Google Think Tourism 2019, reviewed the context of global tourism and the effect that the internet and mobile devices have on the industry, making clear the importance of these technologies for the creation of newf tourist trips, the importance of making new content for the web, positioning and, of course, emphasizing more and giving the importance it deserves to this type of platforms to facilitate processes for the users.

Extra Note!

Are you going to plan your next vacation? These Google tools will make your life easier!

Google Flights
Allows you to configure alerts to monitor the prices of a flight and receive alerts by email.
It provides information on whether the ticket prices are cheaper compared to the historical average and alerts you if prices are likely to fall.

Google Travel
Is a personalized tourist guide app that helps you discover what to do, what to see and what to eat once you are at your destination.
It allows you to organize all your reservations in one place and obtain automatically adapted itineraries.
It may be available offline so that you do not depend on the Internet connection.

Google Maps
Have at hand the information of schedules, address, photos and reviews of other users; allows you to put together lists according to category (restaurants, bars, attractions, etc.), which you can then share.
The offline option allows you to download the maps to use them offline.
The functionality Transit brings complete information about public transport in the main cities of the world.

Google Street View
Using panoramic images at street level, I had an immersive experience to know a place beforehand or recognize it while traveling.

Google Translate
Language will not be an impediment to know the Chinese Wall. With the voice translation feature, have a bilingual conversation seamlessly in over 100 languages.
Thanks to its artificial intelligence, it immediately translates the texts of posters, menus, among others, just by pointing the device’s camera
It allows you to download the language and use it at any time and without the need for mobile data.

Google Lens
Helps you do more with what you see, for example, it allows you to automatically connect your mobile device to Wi-Fi simply by taking a photo of a sign that indicates the network name and password.
Point your camera to find similar clothing styles, learn more about landmarks, add events to your calendar, or identify popular plants and animals at your destinations.

Google Photos
Through its smart albums, it stores all the photos, automatically gathering them in folders according to criteria such as the date and the place where they were taken.
Create visual tours of the best photos and generate videos, animations and GIFs so that memories can be enjoyed and shared with your friends and family.
This tool has high-quality unlimited storage plans and features like Free Up Space that help you remove images that are already in the cloud from your device.

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