Nine off the beaten path beaches of Costa Rica

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Nine off the beaten path beaches of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country that borders two oceans and this makes Costa Rica home to more than 300 beaches on both coasts, many of which are totally unknown to everyday travelers visiting Costa Rica. You can also find a large number of beaches that are more accessible to everyone and that are usually much less crowded than beaches such as Jaco, Tamarindo or Puntarenas. Each of these beaches that we have included in this list are unique and worth visiting if possible, especially if you are staying near one of these wonderful beaches. We are sure you will not regret it.

1. Naranjo Beach

To the north of Guanacaste we find Naranjo Beach which is part of the Santa Rosa National Park. The access road to this beach is difficult because it stays that way to try to keep the poachers that surround the area at a distance. The Santa Rosa National Park is a very safe and beautiful place, and it covers 49,515 hectares of dry forest, mangroves and marine territory and is a sanctuary for a wide variety of land and marine animals. Playa Naranjo has a vast extension that borders only nature. It is without a doubt an impressive place full of mysticism.

2. Mina Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Guanacaste and one of the least visited beaches in the entire area. The beach is situated in a beautiful protected bay with calm turquoise waters that make it the perfect place for a lush swim in the sea. Along the coast you can find trees that makes it an ideal place to install a hammock and enjoy the day. This is the kind of place that invites you to make a picnic to enjoy with the people you love most.

3. Conchal Beach

This is a popular beach without a doubt, but curiously little crowded despite its proximity to the town of Brasilito. The name Conchal Beach is taken from the sand that is visibly formed by small fragments of shells that after time has turned into soft sand. The beach is also characterized by its crystal clear and calm waters that are ideal for swimming and diving.

4. Junquillal Beach

Junquillal is made up of several beaches that when visited, most of the time can be found empty, with the exception of occasional surfers or beach walkers. The rugged terrain makes Playa Junquillal a photographer’s dream. The beach is surrounded by trees with shade to cover from the sun and in some sectors quiet tide pools are created for swimming. No doubt they will encounter a complete sense of serenity without equal.

5. Marbella Beach

To the south of Junquillal beach we find Playa Marbella, a black sand beach with a shining and captivating beauty. If you are looking for traditional Costa Rican cuisine and fresh seafood, along with iced beers and tropical cocktails, you can visit the famous Tiki Hut, the only establishment in the area. You have to be a little careful, on some occasions the sea can be a bit rough and swimmers could run into some strong rip curls, so be careful when swimming. It is really a picturesque and excellent example of one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica.

6. Guiones Beach

Playa Guiones in Nosara is the dream paradise for surfers, nature lovers, yogis, wellness seekers, serenity and beach walkers. Finding a surfing environment everywhere, you can find yoga classes in many places and ecological accommodations with a bohemian atmosphere in this quiet coastal town. Playa Guiones is quite extensive and can be traveled approximately in one hour of walking. You will find several access points and many places where you can spend the day at the beach resting and having fun. Nosara is a great place to spend a few days of rest.

7. Uvita Beach

During low tide, Playa Uvita reveals a sandbar shaped like a whale’s tail. This is one of the reasons where the name of Marino Ballena National Park comes out. Another peculiarity is that Playa Uvita is located on the migratory path of the humpback whale between December and April and it is on this date where whale sightings are most common. This region of Costa Rica is less populated and dense with rainforests, and is a great place to dive, swim, be in nature and take a whale and dolphin watching tour.

8. La Macha Beach

Manuel Antonio National Park is made up of several beaches, but Playa la Macha is one of the most worth visiting. Playa la Macha is one of the most remote and private beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park, and this probably makes visitors feel that the beach belongs to them completely. The lush jungle surroundings and the rich green-blue ocean are the epitome of the tropical paradise in which it is located.

9. Chuita

The Chuita National Park in the Costa Rican Caribbean offers an environment and experience that is totally different from the towns and beaches of the Pacific coast. On this side there is a strong Afro-Caribbean culture, and many of the residents, who are mainly decent Jamaican, speak Africanized Creole English. This is a beach that cannot be missed. The small town of Chuita is ideal for the free spirit traveler, relaxed and looking for relaxation.

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