Pacific vs Caribbean What is the best beach in Costa Rica to visit according to the time of year?

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Ready to find out which is the best beach in Costa Rica to visit in these months?

In Costa Rica, we have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches, fantastic settings that seem to be taken from a dream story. There is something for all tastes and interests and as if that were not enough, we have two coasts: Pacific and Caribbean. The best beach in Costa Rica

Of course, both destinations are different and their location influences the climate, vegetation, waves, and even lifestyle: two totally different scenarios, but ones that you can enjoy during the same trip to Costa Rica.

However, as expected, and since this is a tropical country, the rains are a factor that you must take into account when planning your trip, so that you can fully enjoy these destinations in Costa Rica.

Rainy season in Costa Rica. How does it affect my trip to the beach?

Formally, the rainy season in Costa Rica begins in May and ends in November, with October being the month with the greatest intensity. However, it does not necessarily mean that we cannot enjoy the beaches.

It also is a time of the year when everything turns green, the vegetation comes back to life and that is why we also like to call it the green season.

An important fact is that the rain does not last all day, in general we have very sunny mornings and in the afternoon and evening it does rain: Imagine you arrive from a walk by the sea, or to have lunch in front of to the beach, you take a shower and you are ready to read a book on the terrace of your hotel room. At that moment it starts to rain. A show that will entertain you in the afternoon! Ever showered just using natural rain?

Pacific vs Caribbean How does rain affect both coasts?

Let’s talk about the Pacific first. Here we can include the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste, Playas del Coco, Tamarindo, Nosara, Playa Samara… And the magnificent beaches of Puntarenas, where we include one of the most famous beaches and National Parks in Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio.

The best months to enjoy the Pacific are from December to March. It is the dry season in Costa Rica and this increases the probability that it will not rain. In May, the transition from the dry to the rainy season begins, so there are still sunny days. Rainfall begins in June and is more abundant during this month untill November.

July and August are months known for presenting a cessation in the rains “El veranillo de San Juan” as we call it here, it is an impasse before the start of the season with the highest rainfall of the year, between September and October. An ideal time to plan a trip to the Pacific.

And what about the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is generally a warm and rainy coast throughout the year, which gives way to the development of wonderful ecosystems and a very pleasant climate.

The rainiest season in the Caribbean, are the months of July and August “Veranillo de San Juan” because this coast absorbs the rains these months of the year. So if you plan to come to Costa Rica in these months, you better go to the Pacific.

The best months to travel to the Caribbean are the months of September to November: when there is more precipitation in the Pacific. At this time there is a cessation of rains on this coast, so you can enjoy your day more on the beautiful beaches of Manzanillo, Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Punta Uva… Scenarios that are not insignificant and that you probably will not find anywhere. another place.

Although we have given you some recommendations, remember: Costa Rica is a tropical country.

This means that we cannot write in stone when it rains and when it does not, what we can recommend is that you take precautions and enjoy the country, with everything and the rain if you run into it on the trip: After all, you come to know and enjoy all the details. Enjoy the best beach in Costa Rica.

And if what you are looking for is to create a personalized trip, with a travel agency that takes you to the best places, you can contact our advisors, we create tailor-made trips according to your tastes and your budget.

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