Why Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for relaxation and wellness in the world

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Why Costa Rica is one of the best destinations
for relaxation and wellness in the world

Costa Rica for many years has been, without a doubt, a perfect destination for relaxation and well-being, for anyone who wants to disconnect from the world and spend time recharging energies, practicing yoga, relaxing in spas or taking a surf class in a landscape surrounded by nature, lush tropical forests and beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters.

With tropical rainforests everywhere, an immense variety of wildlife and pristine beaches, it is no less than Costa Rica has been recognized as one of the happiest countries in the world. The Ticos live with the phrase “Pura Vida”, which gives meaning to the lifestyle of the locals. For those seeking adventure, it is the perfect destination because they can exchange their daily life for walks in the rainforest, canopy in the cloud forests or a catamaran trip in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. In the mornings early surfers are seen in search of the best waves. Naturalists lead treks in the tropical jungle in search of lazy or white-faced monkeys jumping through the treetops. A wide variety of experts can be found on many different topics, from yoga teachers to flora and fauna specialists. Costa Rica has a great variety of national parks to explore and wonderful resorts with spas that spread happiness and invoke beautiful emotions and good feelings, where treatments are intended to calm the mind and body. Well-being and relaxation are taken to another level, making Costa Rica a true ideal destination to reboot and recharge completely.

El Silencio Lodge and Spa

Flanked by the Juan Castro Blanco and Poás Volcano National Parks and located in a private cloud forest reserve, this ecological lodge embraces the surrounding nature. The suites have floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open onto a wooden terrace to take full advantage of the mountain view. During the morning walk through the hummingbird gardens and explore waterfalls before going for a delicious lunch where you can enjoy the view of the Gorrión river. Next, visit the Essence spa for an outdoor yoga session and then coat your body with nutritious essences in a candlelight conical treatment room, designed to channel the vital and essential energy of the surrounding trees.

Lapa Rios

A private reserve in the middle of the tropical forest on the spectacular Osa Peninsula is the setting for this sustainable hotel. The open-air bungalows with palm roofs are arranged along a ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, inviting you to rest to the sound of the waves and then wake up with the call of the howler monkeys. With a pool, a rooftop gazebo over the dining area and a spa where treatments include Qi Gong, a Chinese exercise that cultivates chi (the life force of life) to energize the mind, body and spirit. Take advantage and enjoy the most of the medicine route, a walk through the forest with expert guides who will explain the healing properties of the plants that you will find along the way.

Asclepios, a Wellness and Healing Retreat

Named for the Greek god of health, this refuge at the slopes of the Poás volcano has all-round wellness covered, from the organic food served at the Hygeia restaurant to the meditation pavilion and ionized pool. Participate in complete one-week programs (including anti-stress and weight control sessions) or simply immerse yourself in the various treatments on offer: naturopathy, flower remedies, nutrition, regenerative medicine, reiki and more. In Asclepios, there is a great emphasis on the importance of sustainability, which means that there is a functioning farm and a continuous plan to reintroduce native plants and animals into the natural habitat.

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Disconnect and reconnect: that is the name of this exceptional program that really invites you to disconnect from everyday life in this oasis by the sea. In exchange for delivering their phone, guests receive a list of fabulous activities where the technology is not necessary, this includes kayaking guided tour along Culebra Bay and the Path of the Giants, a tour through the tropical dry forest that surrounds the golf course. The hotel also has its own hiking trail that encompasses two beaches, surf instructors that can take you surfing in Roca Bruja and spa treatments such as the Costa Rican coffee scrub.

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