About Us

Fully licensed by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) and based in Costa Rica

About Us

Fully licensed by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) and based in Costa Rica

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Costa Rican Tourism Board

Fully licensed by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) and based in Costa Rica, we at CRS Tours provide our worldwide clientele with travel services at its highest standards of quality and best value.  Almost 20 years of commitment to the tourism sector of Costa Rica has enabled CRS Tours to acquire a strong working relationship with hotels and other providers. This allows us to offer you great deals in packaged tours.  From your very first call or reply to your online request, you will experience a warm welcome from Costa Rica.  

Your request will be tailor made to your desired travel plans, needs and special interests.  We are committed to provide you with the best products, highest service standards and lowest possible price. We understand that you want your vacation to be unlike anyone else’s. We don’t shove you into cookie-cutter solutions. We listen to your needs and then custom build a vacation that is unique to your situation!  Costa Rican Tourism board.

When traveling in Costa Rica, our customer service team is on call 24/7 throughout your stay. We are 100% local experts who get to know all the travel destinations while on the job to give our best advice.

We make travel planning easy and enjoyable, because you deserve it! We save you time and money by not having to spend long hours trying to figure out logistics and best deals. We take the hassle out of searching all over the web and figuring out where the best deals are, offering the highest service standards you can find in Costa Rica. We guarantee a professional back-up travelling with us. Our reservations and operations staff are all English speaking and provide personalized on-the-ground assistance and follow-up. Costa Rica Specialized Tours (CRS Tours) stands true to its name, quality in service and best possible offers – for you! Costa Rican Tourism board.


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