Why choose us?

CRS Tours provides top quality packages and tailor-made itineraries.

Why choose us?

CRS Tours provides top quality packages and tailor-made itineraries.

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Why choose us? CRS Tours provides top quality packages and tailor-made itineraries. We have been doing this for thousands of travelers for almost twenty years. And we still love doing it. Our travel packages for families, groups, couples, single travelers, adventure seekers, nature lovers and tailor-made itineraries are carefully created and put together by our travel expert planners.  We deliver the best quality as we represent those properties and services we know and have guaranteed success.

Superb customer service
TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2020 ( Formally Certificate of Excellence )

CRS Tours has received this award for 8 consecutive years. Since 2011, TripAdvisor has awarded their “Certificate of Excellence” to any listed company that has maintained a 4-Star or better review average (with consistent reviews) over the previous year. Each year’s award is based on the previous year’s average. So if a company averaged 4 or better in 2018, they get the “2019 Certificate of Excellence.”

TripAdvisor Hall of Fame

CRS Tours received this honor.

In 2019, TripAdvisor gave out a very unique and special one-time award to companies that had consistently earned the Certificate of Excellence for the five consecutive years they had been offering it. Only 0.004% of all companies worldwide received this coveted reward. Or perhaps, more easily put, 99.996% of the companies reviewed on TripAdvisor were not recipients of this honor. CRS Tours is one of the very few to receive this honor.

The Global Safety Stamp from the WTTC.

CRS Tours received the Global Safety Stamp from the WTTC, recognizing our Safe Travels Protocols. The specially designed stamp will allow travelers to recognize governments and companies around the world which have adopted health and hygiene global standard protocols – so consumers can experience Safe Travels.

Based in Costa Rica

Founded in Costa Rica since 1998, CRS Tours has years of representing hotels, transportation companies and tour operators. Through mutual visits, CRS Tours has created solid relationships with each provider.  Jointly CRS Tours and the providers are committed to offer the best to its clients. CRS Tours is affiliated to the Governmental Tourism Board (ICT) and Canatur, Costa Rica’s Chamber of Tourism. CRS Tours complies with the constant legal requirements of the Tourism Board and Chamber of Tourism.

Hassle Free

Why choose us? From your very first call or reply to your online request, you will experience a warm welcome from Costa Rica.  We save you time and money, by providing instant recommendations, best options and best priced accommodations and services. You may find online discounts and great rates, but the time invested with regard to searches and logistics will consume hours of your time.  Our payment portal is a secure and safe way to confirm your bookings in a very quick and efficient manner. While in country, our 24/7 Customer Service Dept. is available for any problems or changes you may run into, allowing you to have in country support during your vacation.

Our Guarantee 

Our Travel expert planners provide packages and itineraries with the best price in the industry. If you find a packaged price lower than what we offer, we match it (terms and conditions apply).


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