Central Valley

The heart of Costa Rica, the Central Valley, boasts a nearly perfect climate

Central Valley

The heart of Costa Rica, the Central Valley, boasts a nearly perfect climate

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Central Valley

The heart of Costa Rica, the Central Valley, boasts a nearly perfect climate, excellent museums, drive-up volcanoes and fertile hillsides dotted with coffee plantations.

Within this fertile temperate valley live most of the country’s people. The Capital city of San Jose (largest city in Costa Rica), is located in the center of the country in a valley surrounded by untouched cloud forests at an altitude of 2,900′ feet above sea level, giving it an idyllic climate with temperatures that vary from the mid-70’s F during the day to about 60 degrees F at night. A bustling city nestled within a tropical paradise. San Jose acts as a hub to the rest of the country. The airport is located 20-30 minutes outside of downtown San Jose.

San Jose offers visitors a wide variety of activities and a thriving nightlife with its many discos, bars, casinos, fine restaurants, shops, and some very impressive museums sprinkled throughout the city. In the Plaza de la Cultura (Culture Square) a fantastic collection of pre-Colombian gold artifacts gleam inside the enormous vault of the Gold Museum. To one side of the Plaza is the beautiful National Theater, a national pride and architectural jewel. A few blocks away, on the 11th floor of the National Insurance Building (INS), is the Jade Museum, with the largest collection of pre-Colombian jade in the Americas.

Topping the list, literally, of things to do around San Jose are the drive-up volcanoes: Poás and Irazú, towering 8,870 and 11,260 feet, respectively, above sea level.

Among the lovely towns of the Central Valley, one of the most popular is Sarchí. Long at the center of Costa Rica ‘s oxcart production and more recently, home to a thriving crafts industry, Sarchí attracts visitors looking for local handcrafts and souvenirs.

You can get to any part of the country from San Jose and if traveling from one part of the country to another there is a very good chance that you will stop at some point in San Jose (everything of interest is within a three-hour drive of San José).

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