Positive Impact Experiences are not your average tours or excursions. They are co-designed specifically to give you a unique and meaningful travel experience while at the same time letting you contribute to the sustainable development goals of the places you visit.

The experiences combine the excitement of more conventional tourism with fun to do hands-on activities that directly benefit the local community and environment you visit. This is the essence of what sustainable travel is about. Travelling abroad is more than seeing new places; it is about becoming a part of them and leaving them better than we found them so future generations can enjoy a thriving world.

Together with www.postiveimpacttourism.com from the Netherlands and the Corcovado Foundation in Corcovado, Costa Rica, we have developed two different Positive Impact Experiences that can be easily combined with other destinations and activities in Costa Rica. PIT is dedicated to combine the fun of vacation with the awesomeness of giving back. To travel with a positive impact on local communities and nature. Providing you with the opportunity to make the world a little better while you are travelling is our mission and our story. To give you Positive Impact Experiences!

The Corcovado Foundation, http://corcovadofoundation.org is a non-profit organization and a leader in conservation in Costa Rica. They work with people to protect our natural resources. Their conservation programs are based in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica, known as the Osa Peninsula, which is famous for its intense biodiversity and unspoiled nature. They use education to address and promote the involvement and call to action of local communities, supporting governmental and non-governmental entities in the search for sustainable, balanced and equitable development for them. Our focus is local, but our impact is global.

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