Adventure Costa Rica

Fill Your Life With Adventure!

Adventure Costa Rica

Fill Your Life With Adventure!

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Adventure Costa Rica. This small country is a hot seat for action packed adventures on both land and water!

Many visitors arrive to Costa Rica with the purpose of pushing their sporting skills to the limit. This small country is a hot seat for action packed adventures on both land and water, but the special attraction that Costa Rica can offer is, that while enjoying your favorite sport, you can come face to face with the diverse ecosystems, and exotic flora and fauna that bring travelers back time and time again!

Here are some examples of exciting activities in Costa Rica:

Canopy tour: The canopy tour consists of a network of cables, towers and platforms suspended through the treetops. What makes it one of the extreme activities that are most enjoyed, since it is possible to mix adrenaline with natural beauty. In Costa Rica there are many corners where you can practice and even feel the freedom of flying like superman! The height of each cable is variable, as is the speed of travel. The superman cable offers the possibility of almost flying (Not suitable for people with fear of heights, or vertigo!).

Kayak: Our country has incredible places to enjoy a good kayak tour, either for recreation for a quiet ride or for adventure if you want something more extreme, and if we add to this the natural beauty and abundance of wildlife that can be found then we have the perfect mix. It can be practiced by people of all ages and interests, both in pairs or individually. The technique as such is not so complicated and you learn to control the raft quickly!

Rafting: Rafting is for true lovers of extreme adventures. It is an experience that you will never forget while you travel the beautiful tropical rivers of Costa Rica, recognized for their incredible beauty, surrounded by an exquisite variety of flora and fauna that you cannot miss. In our country you can find rapids ranging from class I to class V, depending on previous experience, as well as skill. Here we leave you the best places for this practice:

Pacuare River: The Pacuare River is born in the Talamanca mountain range and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacuare offers rapids from class II to class V, it can be traveled from the upper part in Turrialba to its exit at the bridge over the road to Siquirres. Pacuare river

Reventazón River: A 100% adrenaline experience, only for people with experience in rapids. This is the strongest section in terms of level of rapids that is run commercially in the country. The Reventazón River is one of the most important in Costa Rica, it is 152 kilometers long.

Balsa River: The Balsa River is an excellent option for those who are not entirely convinced of this adventure or do not want to start with a more advanced river. Although its waters are calmer, this does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Colorado River: Located on the slopes of the Rincón de la Vieja volcano, the Colorado River has a narrow channel where you will pass between the walls of the spectacular Colorado canyon, on this tour you can observe the vegetation, wildlife and the beautiful landscape that surrounds this site. The rapids of the Colorado River are class II and III, at the end of the tour, if you wish, you can bathe in the pools of the same river.

Actually, there are more adventure activities in Costa Rica, such as horseback riding, cave exploration, block tours, and much more. However, here we made you a small summary of the most sought after in the country. Enjoy!


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